Smart Key

Concealed Universal Immobilizer Alarm


Universal Engine Lock with Smart Leather Key with passive control, without the use of easily copyable radio frequency.

Secretly hide the recognizer under the instrument panel, away from metal.

Easy to use: to disarm just approach the elegant leather handle key near the induction area and the immobilizer is disarmed.

  • Operating voltage: 12 ± 3V
  • Detective distance: 60mm

Anti decoding

Automatically immobilization

Rearming automatically

Alarm for illegal ignition

Valet mode for car maintenance

Keys & Covers

Covers, buttons and keys to original remotes, without electronic components

Multifunctional keys consist of 2 separate parts, a key insert and a key handle. With these parts you can create a complete key.

We have various key handles, all shaped as original. The key inserts are also available in various types/profiles.  As well as push buttons, remote control housing and protecting covers.

Universal Keyless Entry


Universal Keyless Entry with remote control compatible with any car

Door Central Lock

CP DL870

Door Central Lock compatible with any car