DGA produces rain and wind deflectors inside and outside window channel application, allowing natural ventilation inside the car increasing the driving comfort

They are quick and easy installation without any tools or extra fixing support

Advantages of DGA rain and wind deflectors


Prevents window fogging, increasing visibility and safety

2 Years Warranty

No rain or snow through open side window

Natural ventilation inside the car

Quick and easy installation without tools or plastic/ metal clips

Improves a relaxed driving

Maximize fresh air circulation, reduces heat avoiding the use of air conditioning cutting on consumption

Design that follows the lines of the vehicle door allowing automatic washing machines

Aerodynamic design with less wind resistance and noise


DGA rain and wind deflectors are produced with the world best materials:

  • cast acrylic glass with UV protection from the worldwide leader Lucite (TÜV CERTIFICATE – ISO 9001: 2000 and TIS 18001)
  • 3M adhesive tape (ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004)

With a smoked colour and high UV protection, retains its properties with exposure to sun and outside elements.

Lucite quality control

  • Continuous testing of physical properties, tensile strength, impact force and load tolerance.
  • Close monitoring control prevents formation of hairline ruptures or discoloration during the production
  • Colour control is performed by a computerized Spectrophotometer to ensure precision in the reproduction of colour

DGA Production

The rain and wind deflectors are completely developed and manufactured in house by DGA since 1990.

Nowadays DGA has a dedicated and experienced working team that totally controls the manufacturing process of the rain and wind deflectors, which contributes to a steady improvement in quality and product design.

Available for all types of Vehicles

DGA manufactures for all types of car and commercial vehicles: cars, vans, pick-ups, trucks and cars that do not require a driving permit.

The complete range of rain and wind deflectorsis available for 55 brands, 1.082 models, updated instantly with the launch of new car models.

Quick Delivery

In-house production with a permanent stock of all models allows short lead times