LED CREE and SMD increase the intensity, contrast, brightness and durability of light in the vehicle.

Solutions for CAN bus vehicle system prevent errors of the ECU detection system halogen lamp in a large percentage of cases.

Full Range

Full range for all type of cars and commercial vehicles 2, 4 until 18 wheels, 12 or 24 volts.


Daylight LED’s with White Light like XENON lights 6000K with intensity control

LED DRL 502 Multiple design possibilities for your DRL

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Kit Xenon HID

Lighting system that increases safety and driving comfort for its high light yield, contrast enhancement and colour temperature of 6000K, identical to sunlight

DGA Xenon System Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • 5 times durability
  • Increases safety at night
  • Greater driving comfort
  • High compatibility with CAN bus
  • Service guaranteed
  • DGA quality guaranteed

Kits Xenon Ballast B01 12 / 24Volts

CAN bus compatibility, higher light intensity, high quality construction

Kit Xenon Ballast B02 NEW 2014

  • High compatibility CAN bus AUDI, BMW, Volvo …
  • High quality last generation compact can-bus
  • Higher light intensity with components

Xenon Bulbs

Complete range of high-quality Xenon Lights to replace originals bulbs of all types of vehicles 12 and 24 Volts

Original Ballasts

Ballasts for Xenon lamps

  • Original refurbished of major brands
  • New from DGA to replace some original brands
  • New from DGA to replace aftermarket


Original refurbished ballasts have a 6 months warranty

New DGA have a 2 years warranty

Xenon Accessories


With different resistor cables and capacitor DGA can solve any installation problem on any HID Xenon system on the market:

  • Incompatibility issues with CAN bus
  • Alarm ECU-PCM faulty bulb
  • Electrical system instabilities


DGA Xenon supports allow perfect fitting of Xenon Lamps, the installation Kit is simple with high quality finishes, avoiding originals modification.

Metal White®

METAL WHITE lamps offer 50% whiter light

Full range of lamps for all cars, motorcycles and trucks 12/24 Volts

Increased brightness and contrast of light improves visibility on the road, safety and comfort in driving.

Lamps METAL White® projects a kind of light similar to HID XENON systems.

  • Auto-Paraventos
  • Tapetes
  • Luzes LED
  • Xenon
  • Narva
  • Metal White
  • Sensores Económicos
  • Sensores Embutidos
  • Sensores Activos Digitais
  • Chaves
  • Car video
  • Outros Acessórios


NARVA Germany your expert in automotive lighting since 1948

Best price-performance ratio

NARVA electric bulb combines constant and intense light output with durability.

Full range of Automotive Lighting 12/24 Volts

Safety on the road means seeing and being seen